Our Leadership Board

Our Leadership Board is comprised of our constitutionally established club officers, members of the Board of Directors, and standing committee chairpersons. Officers serve for a period of 2 years with the President and Secretary elected in even years and the Vice President and Treasurer elected in odd years. This helps to ensure continuity of leadership. The constitutionally established officers are also the Board of Directors and at least 2 officers must be present at a Board of Directors meeting to constitute a quorum. Members of all standing committees attend the Board of Directors meeting and report on their activities. The club officers and committee chairpersons in attendance at a meeting of the Board of Directors all have 1 vote in each motion brought to the BoD.

The elected club officers are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Our current officers for 2018 are:

President:  Chuck Cooney

Vice President:  George Wilson

Treasurer:  John Gillingham

Secretary:  Galen Flinn

Standing Committees are as follows:

Raffle, Outings, Conservation, Entertainment, Scholarship/Awards, FFI Liaison, membership, Newsletter, and Webmaster.

Standing committee chairpersons can be appointed as the need arises and additional committees can be created for specific purposes by the Board of Directors when necessary.