Washington County Fly Fishers
Fly Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

Joining Instructions

There are a couple of steps needed to Join Washington County Fly Fishers. It is pretty straightforward, but, since we aren’t masters of doing websites, you will need to help us a bit so we can get all the information we need for our membership roles:

  1. First, click on the Join WCFF button. You will be taken to the page where you will select “Full Annual Membership”.

Fill out a User Name which can be anything clean and sensible you would like to use for identity. Add a Password which can be anything 8 characters or longer that you can remember when you log into the sire in the future.

Very important that you provide your email address and confirm it since that is how you will be billed by PayPal.

Paypal will then take you to their site to finish the payment transaction and then you will be returned to our site with a confirmation that you have joined. This will include invoice information for you and also for us.

Next, click on the Log In button. Provide the Log In User Name and Password

Now hover over the Member Profile button. You will see another button appear that says Member Account. Click on the Member Account button. Here, select Addresses and fill out your address information by selecting to edit the Billing information. You do not need to fill out the Shipping address since we don’t use it. We need this to allow us to contact you in the future.

We don’t sell any information from this site to anyone, so your information will only be used by our membership chairman for our records.